BankFabric is your path to secure banking automation.

BankFabric is the engine that powers secure, two-way communication between your ERPs and the banks and financial institution where you do business. Connect to any bank, any format, anywhere in the world. 

Elevate Finance and Treasury with Intelligent Banking Automation

Bank Fabric provides seamless connectivity between your Microsoft Dynamics Platform and your banks. Developed by banking and treasury experts, BankFabric stores inbound and outbound bank files, and provides a secure platform for bank communications and/or file encryptions. 

Automatically important bank statements

Reconcile bank statements with a fully unattended solution

Fine-tune matching and mapping with configurable rules

Gain visibility across all bank accounts and legal entities

Automatically reconcile transactions

Connect to Bank Systems Worldwide

With seamless embedded connections to all major banking platforms, BankFabric Integrates with 170+ banks and financial insitutions, and we’re regularly adding more. Our banking software experts will design a custom integration for you. 

Why use Bank Fabric?

Secure Bank File Storage

Securely store banking files with BankFabric's Azure-hosted solution, utilizing encrypted Azure blob storage available across any geo-location or Azure replication.

Seamless Bank Communications

Facilitate smooth bank communications through BankFabric's integrated SFTP support, allowing easy authentication, via user passwords or SSH keys, couples with the added security of PGP Sign/Encrypt functionality

Efficiency Through Automation

BankFabric reimagines ERP efficiency by automating key banking processes, ensuring reliable communications and effortless transactions. BankFabric brings your financial operations to a new level of efficiency.

How BankFabric Works

BankFabric is the engine that powers secure, two-way communication between your ERP’s and the banks and financial institutions where you do business. Supporting multiple protocols and nearly unlimited bank file formates, BankFabric uses both the environment DNS and a unique encrypted “secret” to verify the appropriate ERP environment is communicating value with the corresponding BankFabric environment to ensure your banking and treasury transactions remain accurate and secure. 

Trusted solutions from Banking and Treasury Experts

For 25+ years, our team of finance software specialists has been developing solutions to close critical accounting functionality gaps in leading ERP solutions and developing extended functionality that solves real-world business challenges through intelligent banking automation. Bring your most pressing accounting challenges to us, and we’ll help you find the ideal solution – or create one for you.


+1600 companies already use the SK Global Software

Companies of all sizes and shapes handle their finances with the SK Global Banking and Treasury Automation Suite. 

What they have in common, is the goal to leverage their financial operations to gain competitive advantage. 


Ready to Revolutionize Your Financial Operations?

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