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With 25+ years of experience, we’ve seen it all as we’ve helped companies of all sizes and industries automate their banking operations.


Most common pitfalls

Involving us too late

We see too often that SKG Services Europe is involved at the end of larger D365 implementation projects. This is a problem, because it will cause project delays; banks are bottlenecks and to maximize ROI, you’ll need to review all your payments and settlement processes, including your full banking landscape/setup.

Old and complex financial processes limit ROI

To truly harvest the benefits of banking and treasury automation, you’ll need to review your financial processes and setups. We typically help companies streamline, descaling the implementation project before it begins.  

Banks are bottlenecks

While activating the TAS solution is plug-and-play, getting your bank(s) to test is often the bottleneck in every implementation. The general implementation timeline for TAS varies from 6-24 months depending on your banking partners responsiveness.

“We needed our finance operations to run smoother, streamlined and without ad-hoc services in each country”

How we can help

Let's scope the project
timeline together

Knowing what is coming is key to successful project management. We’ll identity your needs and challenges, knowledge share and create a realistic project plan together.

Know what is best-practice for your industry

Our consultants have deep knowledge of automated financial operations across all industries. Tap into our pool of knowledge to solve your challenges and to harvest the full potential of automated banking and treasury. 

Get a grip on the standard F&O banking automation features

What are Dynamics 365 F&O standard features and what are TAS features? Get the grip on the value-adds with our solution and where the standard features by Microsoft might be enough for your company.

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