Columbus A/S and SK Global Software Announces New Partnership

February 13, 2016

Columbus A/S and SK Global Software announces new partnership – Opening up possibilities for banking and treasury efficiency gain for Danish and International Microsoft Dynamics AX customers.

Houston, TX – SK Global Software, an international leader in Banking and Treasury Automation for Microsoft Dynamics AX, has partnered with Danish Columbus A/S, a global leader in delivering Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions.

Columbus A/S has long been within the elite of partners in the Microsoft Dynamics community. With more than 20 years’ experience and over 6,000 successful projects, Columbus A/S is able to offer exceptional expertise and experience. Headquartered in Denmark and with an international focus, Columbus A/S feels the partnership with SK Global to offer Banking & Treasury automation solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX makes great sense.

SK Global Software, headquartered in Houston, TX but rapidly expanding its global footprint, was already collaborating closely Columbus’s American business unit.  Extending the collaboration into Denmark and Europe in general is a natural development for both companies.

Columbus’s AX customers eying the value quickly

The new partnership is already proving to be valuable for Columbus’s customers, as SK Global Software and Columbus deploy the Treasury Automation Suite for Dynamics AX to a high profile customer on the new Dynamics AX (AX 7). The client operates in numerous countries, and will enjoy improved transparency of financials, plus efficiency and automation of banking processes across all their business units – improvements that were easy to approve of.

“We are working closely with the customer and with Columbus to automate a variety of processes and transactions across the organization. This will allow the customer to focus on growth and business development rather than manual tasks and reconciliation processes. And of course, we are very happy to see a strong adoption of our solution on the new Dynamics AX, AX7.” – Jonas Andersen, Director of European Markets, SK Global

For additional information, contact

Aynsley Keller, SK Global Software
Tel.: (+1) 301 963 7300
[email protected]

Jonas Andersen, Director of European Markets
Tel.: (+45) 22 88 00 00
[email protected] 

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